by Amy Kaye Taylor


Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes
Shoe Boxes



Here are several examples of memory boxes I have made.
All boxes are built using acid free materials and conservation glass ensuring the longevity of your items. Not only will your treasures be gorgeous, they will be protected for generations. 

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A gorgeous photo was taken of the start of the Columbus Marathon in 2010.  It was included in this memory box along with medal, bib and photo.
Size is 18" x 24"


I call this my "Everything" box as it has almost everything you can save from a race. 
Size is 26" x 32"

Here is an example of a box with one of my prints and multiple medals from races ran in the same year.
The size is 22" x 26"

Here is another example of how I can showcase multiple medals.  The size is 13" x 25"




These are examples of memory boxes I have made for my husband and me.



This is a memory box I completed that included a ribbon to commemorate who the runner was running the race for, medal, photo, and stats.  The size is 12 x 16.

This memory box includes an article about the runner and the medal from her very first marathon! 
This would be considered a custom box.  The size is 16 x 20.




Memory boxes can be very personal and include special items from the race(s) that you ran.  Consider these items when thinking about creating a memory box for you or a loved one.

photos, medal, bib, newspaper article, stats, t-shirt, colored ribbon, shoe, Mylar blanket


Available Design and Color Choices for Memory Boxes
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