by Amy Kaye Taylor



Home Amy Kaye Taylor has been running marathons, half marathons and trail runs for about as long as she has been painting landscapes. One day the idea came to her to meld the two together and create Paint Running. She discovered that some of her favorite places to run were also inspiring paintings of her landscape paintings. She loves escaping into the trees and meadows of local parks when she runs. The idea to paint runners into her landscapes came one day when she ran around a wooded bend and met a couple ladies running toward her. It was autumn and the scene of them running through the fall colors was quite stunning. Thus an idea was born with the first painting titled In Rhythm. Beyond painting running scenes, the collection includes paintings of running shoes and runner silhouettes. Finally, running is personal for each person and each person has their own stories to tell and be proud of. Amy Kaye knows the importance of preserving those memories and can design custom memory boxes to include the treasures of that special race or series of races. Her hope is that she can inspire runners just as much as they inspire her. Please enjoy this special collection!